Training at Upper Mace Equestrian Centre

Here at Upper Mace Equestrian we facilitate a wide range or training.

We are a top class training facility. Our emphasis is on training the rider or showjumper, so that they are riding at a level that they are competeant and safe at.

5-Bar Mackey Training

5-Bar Mackey Training has been introduced as a way of assesing and coaching riders to higher levels. We have incorporated this system into our training.

The 5-Bar Mackey training is geared towards riders in Showjumping. The training improves all round skills and is carried out by HSI level coaches. BHSAI level teachers are also able to coach Bar-1 and Bar-2 levels.

5-Bar Mackey Training ranges from Bar 1 to Bar 5, Bar 1 being the introductary training. This covers areas such as mounting the horse, warm-up procedures and transitions etc. Bar 5 is for the advanced rider, and covers showjumping technique and advanced elements.

As SJI Training Rep for the Connaght region, Joan Fallon Walsh is involved in organising training in all the different regions of Connaght. Anyone wishing to avail of 5-Bar Mackey training please contact Joan on 087 839 5233.

At Upper Mace Equestrian we have AI and PTT qualified teachers who are trained to a high level and emphasis is put on improving the skills of all our riders.

Dressage Training

Dressage training and Flatwork for Showjumping taining are coming soon to Upper Mace Equestrian so check back again soon for updates!